Vancouver’s Anne Emberline is the kind of singer-songwriter that likes to transport listeners into deep territory, infusing her music with the beauty of heartbreak and the poetry of loss. Her songs are soulful and raw in their simplicity, drawing on an unexpected range of influences – from punk bands like Bikini Kill to pop divas like Christina Aguilera and singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and Feist.

Emberline’s debut EP There’s No Reason is a record of her struggles with loss and recovery in more ways than one. The project itself was started when Emberline had a 13-year-relationship suddenly fall apart in a matter of months and wrote hundreds of new song ideas to cope with it, determined to create something positive out of her pain. Two years later and just weeks before she was scheduled to start work on the EP based on that writing, she sustained another loss – a vocal injury that crippled her ability to speak and sing. Again, Emberline pushed herself to create something positive from the difficult situation. She threw herself into voice therapy and daily vocal training – including weeks of strict vocal rest during which she communicated only through notepads and an app on her phone – with the goal of coming out the other side with an even stronger voice than she’d had before.

Three years after the breakup and over a year since the vocal injury, it’s Emberline’s raw voice that shines through on the finished record. The songs push from the depths of despair to the hopeful light on the other side, capturing Emberline’s eagerness to re-emerge from whatever darkness life throws at her.

Emberline will be touring BC in support of There’s No Reason after its release on September 14, 2015. The EP was co-produced by Emberline and mentor Kevin Williams (Nimbus Recording) at Hot Sole Studios in Port Coquitlam, BC.

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There’s No Reason Debut EP –  Teaser Video

There’s No Reason will be released on September 14, 2015

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  • Anne Emberline - There's No Reason

    There’s No Reason – Six Song EP

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