I’m a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter writing simple songs about things that hurt. I draw on a diverse mix of influences – from punk bands like Bikini Kill and pop divas like Christina Aguilera to other singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and Nick Cave.

People often comment on my voice like it’s this magical thing I was born with – but in reality, it took about ten years to develop. Growing up, my unusually low vocal range made it hard to sing with the other kids, and with no one to explain it to me, I painfully accepted that I would never be a good singer and instead took refuge in punk rock – where it’s totally okay to just yell and be “bad at singing.” I spent ten years yelling at the top of my lungs until a perfect confluence of factors coaxed me to try singing again properly. Slowly a new voice started to emerge – smoky, rich, and evocative. It could scratch all these emotional places that yelling couldn’t get to and I became more of a soul singer, not just a teenager yelling over an electric guitar.

This fall I’m releasing my first EP, There’s No Reason. Music for me has always been a way of processing hurt, and the songs that make up this record came on the heels of a colossal life-shattering breakup. I wrote hundreds of song ideas to cope, squishing my pain into stark guitar riffs and belted choruses, because this is truly where my music comes from – the parts of life that make us cry, the emotions that are unbearably painful and unmistakeably beautiful, all at the same time.

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There’s No Reason Debut EP –  Teaser Video

Release date: October 20, 2015
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  • More InfoSunday, July 23 at the Media Club, Vancouver BC, 9:00pm

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  • Anne Emberline - There's No Reason

    There’s No Reason – Six Song Debut EP

    Release date: October 20, 2015

    Pre-Order Now

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